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Crossing Visions V: Ecology of Creation
■Period:18 February, 2017 - 21 March, 2017
■Venue:Sculpture Lounge
Fukuoka Asian Art Museum’s Crossing Vision series comprise exhibitions that introduce various visual expressions that extend well beyond the boundaries of art. These include shows on Manga, animation, video, and design as well as new currents of Asian art emerging from this mix of genres. These include the exhibitions Asia in Comic: Where are we going? (2001); Indian Video Art: History in Motion (2004); AniMate: ANIME in Japanese and Korean Contemporary Art (2005); and Wing and Lighting: A Half-Century of Magazine Design by Kohei Sugiura (2005).

Ecology of Creation is the fifth for the series and will revisit the original theme “artistic intersections.” It features artists whose work attempt to span and cross several realms.

Their works fuse art with agriculture, economics, design, fashion, architecture, science, engineering, and/or medical care. All seek to explore as yet uncharted directions. Process and relationships are paramount in the act of creation for the exhibition’s participating artists. In the course of making their works, they focus more on preparing an ideal environment for the work, creating good relationships with supporters and collaborators rather than the singular intent of efficiently solving a problem. At times, these underlying processes and relationships appear more important than the final works themselves.

Citing the ecology of the natural world as parallel, the creative environment is imagined as ecosystem that sustains the act and processes of art making. Ecology of Creation is informed by this metaphor as shown by a diverse range of artistic projects.

The exhibition will be at the museum lounge and café area, a setting uncommonly thought of as formal exhibition space; for visitors to enjoy the artworks any time and at their leisure. We also hope that various events organized to complement the exhibition deepen and enrich the experience of art at the museum.
From "The Typecraft Initiative" by Ishan Khosla
From "Alami Tanah" by Julian Abraham "Togar"
XCEED "Resonance Aura" 2015
PeriodSaturday 18 February - Tuesday 21 March 2017
VenueSculpture Lounge
OrganiserFukuoka Asian Art Museum
InquiryFukuoka Asian Art Museum / 092-263-1100
RemarksClose: Wednesdays
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