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Nostalgia : Paintings from Vietnam
■Period:04 July, 2013 - 01 October, 2013
■Venue:Asian Gallery A
- Life in Old days and Beauteous Ladies -

A relaxed sunlit rural scene and the form of a woman wearing traditional Ao dai – such is the typical premise of much Vietnamese painting.

With its history as a French colony, Vietnam blends European culture with its own original aesthetic. Since the foundation of École Supérieure des Beaux Arts de l’Indochine (the Indochina College of Fine Arts) in 1925, which is the first school of fine art in Southeast Asia, Vietnamese artists had explored an expression incorporating traditional Vietnamese materials, such as lacquer and silk, and painting techniques, while they were learning French style art and oil painting. A sleek and rich texture of lacquer, originally applied to decorative folk arts, gives Vietnamese paintings a touch of nostalgia. Furthermore, the soft tone coming from the effect of color sinking into the textile, and in detailed, almost translucent color application of Vietnamese silk paintings became one of the truly Vietnamese style of pictorial expressions.

Vietnamese art depicted tranquil mountain villages and the landscapes of the countryside throughout the French colonial era and the following war time. These paintings show the artists’ memory of a childhood, playing with farm animals in nature and their warm expression toward the people’s livelihood. Moreover, Vietnamese art often focused on another subject; “women.” Lying down silently with their head a little on one side, women in Ao Dai dress would be portrayed beautifully in Vietnamese painting. On the other hand, the women in Vietnamese war propaganda posters are usually depicted in an armed strong figure, yet always with flowers, which bring the beauty of charm.

Bringing together about 30 works of Vietnamese paintings, this exhibition introduces you the world of beauteous Vietnamese art, which nostalgia resides.

Along with our museum collection pieces, some entrusted works to the FAAM are being displayed in this exhibition. We would like to thank for the private collectors, who kindly entrust their precious collections to the FAAM.

1.Introduction / 2.Uncle Ho, Going to the Village / 3. Ta Ty -Fogotten Artist / 4.Vietnamese Woodcut Print
Le Pho "Two Children"1932
Ta Ty "Woman" 1950
Unknow artist "Five Tigers" Date unknown
Period4 July 2013 (Thu) – 1 October 2013 (Tue)
VenueAsia Gallery A
FeeAdult \200 /College & High School \ 150
*Free for Secondary school and under
OrganiserFukuoka Asian Art Museum
InquiryFukuoka Asian Art Museum / 092-263-1100
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