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All about Fukuoka – The 10 Years of FAAM Artist-in-Residence Program
■Period:30 September, 2010 - 25 December, 2010
■Venue:Asia Gallery A
Since the museum opened in 1999, FAAM has regularly invited artists and researchers from throughout Asia to create artwroks or hold workshops to bring viewers face to face with Asian art and culture through the Residential Programs. To date, our residency artists have created works richly imbued with their experiences living here in Fukuoka and interacting with the people. This exhibition compiles mostly works that were inspired by Fukuoka or involved the help of local residents. The exchange between the visiting artists and locals are always meaningful on both sides - and have to be experienced to be fully understood.

The residency artists' interpretations of events in Fukuoka include a painting of local folk tales, to an installation based on the city's air raids during World War Ⅱ.
Also, many Fukuoka residents have appeared in artworks by our residency artists, who have compiled paired portraits, filmed locals introducing one another, and more.

Ten years of Residence Programs documentation is on display at the Art information Corner, including video footage of performances, records of the artists's activities, and materials from the exchange programs.
Abdus Salam (Bangladesh) "After the Air Attack in Fukuoka, 1945" 2007
Kim Youngjin (Korea) "Swing-Mother's Mirror" 2000
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