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FT3 2005
The 3rd Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale 2005
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Thaweesak Srithongdee
Born in Udonthane (Thailand), 1970
Lives and works in Bangkok
Covering the body with artificial skin-like body suits, the heroes represent people’s subtle emotions through the structure of the body and the movements of skin. The artist’s endless curiosity towards people generates these unidentified and mysterious characters.
Deang Buasan
Born in Mukdahan (Thailand), 1976
Lives and works in Bangkok
Manipulating the exquisite skill of painting, he expresses the solitude of a person who comes out to a city from the countryside, and the image of a child who is thinking about throwing himself into water to die. In “Dropping Flowers of the Rainy Season” and “The Last Morning of the Rainy Season”, one feels as if they would fall into a different world if they touch the water surface.
Chakkrit Chimnok
Born in Chaiyaphum (Thailand), 1978
Lives and works in Chiangmai (Thailand)
Banana leaf used in the traditional life in Thailand is discarded when they turn to be yellow. However, Chakkrit recycles it by converting it into fashionable furniture, lights, shoes, jackets and suits. By understanding the traditional and local wisdom of growing and utilising banana leaf, he investigates the issues related to urbanity and rurality as well as tradition and the contemporary.
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