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What is Fukuoka Triennale?
FT3 2005
The 3rd Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale 2005
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FT3 is touring to Blackburn, UK (26 December)
The 3rd Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale 2005 closed. (12 December)
KYTV multi-media performance at the closure of FT3 (24 November)
Talk and even demonstration?! Sumi Takamasa and Manabe Yasuyuki (24 November)
Chakkrit Chimnok (Thailand) shows his work at the fashion show "The 8th Fukuoka Asia Collection 2006 Spring/ Summer" (10 November)
Answer the quiz for Asian restautant coupons! (6 october )
Artist Talk: Zai Kuning (Singapore) (6 october )
FROG IN THE SHELL (3 october )
Gallery Talks & Workshops (3 october )
The Whale-car Project in progress! (18 August)
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Tiarma Dame Ruth Sirait[Indonesia]
11/1 UPDATE!!
Alwin Reamillo[Philippines]
11/1 UPDATE!!
Wu Mali[Taiwan]
11/1 UPDATE!!
Pius Sigit Kuncoro[Indonesia]
11/1 UPDATE!!
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